10 Famous MeKong Delta Food (P2)


6.Luc Si’s Nem rice papers

Rice papers in this land include a various type such as: Nem rice papers, dipped rice papers, sweet rice papers, or baked rice papers. This dish is handmade with 100% rice flour and not used any chemicals. Rice papers are soft, medium salty, wrapped with shrimp, meat, vegetables, noodles, served with tamarind fish sauce, or soybean milled. This is really amazing dish, contributing to make uniqueness of Mekong Delta cuisine.

7.Gray eel-catfish

Gray eel-catfish is quite dodgy, living only in deep-water level area. They even carved 2-3 meters deep caves for shelters. Therefore, fishing them is also difficult.

There are many delicious dishes made from this fish like sour soup, grilled in banana sepal, fish sauce stew, steam or served with fermented scallion. However, the simplest way to make is grill gray eel-catfish in the banana sepal on the charcoal to keep the original sweetness of fresh water fish. You can try this dish with many kinds of vegetables and chili salt. Gray eel catfish stewed with fish sauce is the daily dish of the people in the West of Vietnam. Fish is rinsed thoroughly, marinated in delicious fish sauce, sugar, pepper, chili, and cooked on low heat to make it absorbed completely.

Gray eel-catfish via Khach San Ninh Kieu

8.Cho Moi sticky rice

Cho Moi is derived from rich alluvial soils around the year so that local glutinous rice has high quality, round and beautiful rice. Glutinous combined with beans makes a delicious sticky rice dish. Fried sticky rice has a significant yellow, smells and tastes so fragrant.

Trying fried sticky rice in Cho Moi with or without chili sauce, soy sauce is still exciting. Visitors to Cho Moi can enjoy this dish with roasted chicken. Chicken is a little chewy, sweet and roasted by hands in other to keep the flavor and taste featured. Fried sticky rice of Mrs. Hong in Cho Moi town is the best choice for you to try when visiting An Giang province.

9. Lo Ren star apples

Lo Ren star apple is the famous brand of Tien Giang province in Vietnam market. Star apple has thin crust, little seeds, soft and sweet pulp. Star apple is squeezed tenderly and cut into medium pieces to enjoy.

The taste of this fruit is not too sweet but light. The pulp is soft and smells so attractive. You can peel the crust, remove seeds and blend star apples with milk, sugar or cocoa powder to have a special smoothie to ease the hot weather.

Fried sticky rice via foody.vn

10.Banh bo thot not Chau Doc (Chau Doc’s palm sugar steam rice cake)

Palm leaves are often used for roofing, fuels. Old trees are used to make house pillars, tables, chairs. Particularly, palmyra palm brings to foodies an unforgettable taste by simple but amazing dishes such as palm rice, palm juice, palm sugar, and palm sweets. Among these dishes, the one to impress tourists most in the harvest season is steamed rice cake with palm sugar.

Holding hot small cakes with the yellow of palm then tasting it will make you feel the tastiness, puff, sweetness and greasy from sugar and coconut mixed with the significant smell of palm sugar, which is not hard to recognize.

The list is still long but we suggest you to make it longer by yourself to find the excitements, differences, unique lying in every food you try.